OCS Weld Overlay: Technology for corrosion protection

The deep knowledge in welding and cladding, together with the best available systems, resulted in OCS Weld Overlay’s capability to meet even the most demanding quality requirements.

Our team has the capacity to perform overlay with wire and / or strip Ni-Alloy 600, 625, 825, Austenitic Stainless Steel 300 series, Martensitic Stainless Steel 400 series, according to OCS qualification procedures or customers own procedures.


Welding processes

GTAW hot and cold wire welding, manual or automatic
SAW wire welding, semiautomatic




electrode and wire welding
ESW strips cladding by electroslag


Welding equipment

OCS is equipped with a wide range of welding machineries:


Type of Machines


GTAW cold wire for external weld overlay


GTAW hot welding / cladding manipulators (max L depth 1.000 mm with internal weld overlay from 32 mm)


Semiautomatic ESW welding stations with strip 30 x 0,5 mm (max L depth 1.800 mm with internal weld overlay from 250 mm)


Semiautomatic ESW welding stations with strip 60 x 0,5 mm (max L depth 4.000 mm)


Rotating positioner tables  (from 0,2 t up to 40 t)


GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, welding stations


Quality controls

OCS’s Quality system is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN 3834-2. Our company is supported by the internal IWE and IWT, with more than 100 qualified welding procedures. Qualified and certified personnel with 2nd and 3rd.

Level certification guarantees the execution of NDE tests: MT, PT, UT, VT, RT, TOFD, Phased Array, according to ASNT or EN standards. Internally, we can perform the PMI, hardness and ferrite check.