OCS Quality System is certified in accordance with ISO9001!

The Quality Management system is continuously implemented, defining corporate strategies and the necessary activities and indicators to improve and control it.
OCS strategy is focused on achieving customer’s full satisfaction and continuous improvement of manufactured products, promoting safeguard and development of context into OCS operates, and meeting standard ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

In-house Quality Staff ensures that our Products, through Non-Destructive Examinations, such as radiographic test, magnetic particle examination, ultrasonic test (TOFD, Phased Array) dye penetrant examination, visual and physical testing, hydraulic and helium tests, be in line with the established Regulations of the Oil & Gas sector, as well as with the Certifications to export everywhere!

Certification & Accreditation

Health, safety & environment

Our Company is firmly committed to the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for all the people present in Company’s workplace or involved in its business, as well as to the prevention of Environment pollution. In fact every year we do analysis controls on air emissions, and we’ve adopted a useful waste management.

An adequate control and assessment of the HSE risks arising from our work activities is taken!

We think that best results on preventing accidents and occupational disease, maintaining healthy and safe working conditions, preserving Environment from pollution and avoiding waste of resources can be achieved if the efforts are concentrated on the continual training, information, instruction and making responsible all the personnel.