OCS Power staff is able to manage mechanical calculations and Thermal/Process design of:

  • Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (water/fire tube type) – for Claus Units and Tail Gas System Incinerators – recover energy from waste gasses in order to produce saturated or superheated steam.
  • Process Gas Boilers for Reformers – horizontal/vertical shell and tube type heat exchanger. The process gas leaving the furnace is cooled in the tubes by the surrounding water, generating steam.
  • Steam Drums – reservoir of water/steam at the top of the boiler. The drum stores the steam generated in the boiler and acts as a phase separator for the steam/water mixture.

Thanks to this know-how enormous quantities of heat energy inherent in exhaust gases from various industrial processes can be recovered to reduce energy consumption.

Our strengths:

  • Engineering capability in house

  • Supplying personalized solutions built on client specifications

  • Project execution

  • In-house fabrication and assembly