OCS Gas is able to provide Pressure Swing Adsorption Process (PSA) for Hydrogen Purification with innovative improvements. The PSA process involves the removal of impurities from a hydrogen rich feed gas by passing the gas at high pressure through a fixed bed packed with different adsorbents. The impurities are subsequently desorbed at low pressure as an off-gas stream which can be used as a fuel.

Our PSA technology is our customer guarantee:

  • OCS PSA technology provides an economic and rapid purification of a wide range of process gases
  • The capacity range is from small plants of 1.000 Nm3/hr to 25.000 Nm3/hr
  • High purity Hydrogen‚ at 99.0 to 99.999%
  • H2 product pressure‚ at 7 to 50 bar g without compression
  • Offgas Pressure‚ at 0 to 5 bar g without compression
  • Typical utilities – power control and heat tracing only